Structured & Pre-Wiring
  • Let us prepare your home or business to be fully optimized with your electronics with our quick and affordable structured and pre-wiring services.

Every home or business no matter what the size has a certain number of wires within it. Some have more than others but nevertheless there are certain ones that are an absolute necessity to provide you with all the conveniences that most of your electrical components bring to you. In no time at all there seems to be a whole maze of these wires that can become unsightly, difficult to hide and may in some cases not be installed correctly, and as a result you are not getting the full benefits of them. At AV Expert we have highly trained and experienced personnel that can take care of all your Ottawa structured and pre-wiring needs for your home and business

Telephone and network systems:

Our top notch installers will assess your telephone and network systems wiring needs and will compile a plan for the necessary installations, so all of the telephone cabling and jack installations are done according to your needs. In your home you want to have access to your telephone in many different areas. If you want to use a cordless system you still need convenient locations for the base unit. Then you may want to have a fax system wired in even if you are not going to be using it right away. Talking with our wiring consultants will help us to plan for your pre-wiring, that will not only serve you well now but in the future. It is really convenient to know that your wiring is all in place when you need it. If you already have existing wiring that needs upgrading like your network cabling or an expansion of your existing network we can easily provide that service for you as well.

Your home theatre and home automation wiring needs:

If you are planning on having a home theatre installed in the future and you are just renovating the room where it will be located why not let us do the structured and pre-wiring work for you now while you are in the construction stage. Then when the time comes to add this amazing form of entertainment venue to your home all the wiring is ready and waiting for hookup. We can plan and install your electronic and wiring needs so it makes using all of your electrical components safe, convenient and without having to deal with a jungle of wiring that is in full view.

Ottawa security wiring:

While much of our home and business wiring lends to our entertainment enjoyment there is also critical wiring that promotes our safety in our homes and businesses. This is the wiring that is affiliated with your alarm systems, such as intrusion alarms, fire, smoke and motion detectors. Our wiring experts here at AV Expert will be able to plan and install the wiring for your security needs with efficiency so that your systems are reliable and keep you safe.

Be sure to contact us so we can discuss both your Ottawa structured and pre-wiring needs now. Having safe and efficient wiring and cabling in your home greatly enhances your safety and enjoyment and this is just one of the many excellent services that we here at AV Expert would be most pleased to provide you with at an affordable cost.

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