Security Systems
  • Our installation of your Ottawa Security System is going to make you feel a whole lot safer

  • Our installation of your Ottawa Security System is going to make you feel a whole lot safer

Ottawa Security Systems

Security for your home and business is of the utmost importance. Fortunately with today’s modern technology anyone can afford to keep their home and business safe and secure. Just as important is the setup and installation of your chosen security equipment. Our security experts here at AV Expert will use the utmost care and due diligence to install your security measures so that you are getting the full benefits of what they are meant to offer.

There will be no second guessing as to whether your security system has been installed correctly and is providing you the protection that you, your family, home and business are counting on when our professionals have completed you Ottawa security systems installations.

It used to be that only the very rich or famous had security systems installed. All of this has changed where now the average citizen believes that they need additional protection for their home and business that goes beyond the standard door locks and windows. Many homes and businesses possess a large number of electronic valuables that are potential targets for would be criminals. These items need the additional protection of a security system both when there are people present in the locations and when they are away.

To provide this type of protection there are many different types of security systems of different protection levels that can be put in place. Here at AV Expert we are able to offer you full Ottawa security systems installations that include both self monitoring systems as well as Wireless/Wired IP Camera Video Surveillance equipment installation.

Self Monitoring Systems

This type of security system in efficient, effective and can save you money by not having to paying monitoring fees. You can easily access your system from wherever you are and arm or disarm it as you see fit. You have lots of options available to your through this type of security set up and it puts you in control.

Wireless/Wired IP Camera Video Surveillance Equipment Installation

Protecting your home or business has never been easier when you can take advantage of either wired or wireless IP Camera Video Surveillance Equipment. With our affordable installation and making use of the latest security technology, you can be assured that you are making use of the ultimate protection for both your family and assets.
Not only will your security equipment be installed so it is fully functional and meeting all of its requirements, it will be done in a neat and orderly fashion. We also realize that you may have a busy schedule and we will make every effort to meet your home or business installation security needs at a time that is convenient to you, which includes night or weekend installation options.

Please call us here at AV Expert and let’s discuss your Ottawa security systems installation needs today, so you don’t have to wait any longer to feel safe and security for your home and business.

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