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Ottawa Home Automation At Its Best

AV Expert takes great pride in its Ottawa home automation services. Every home owner wants convenience and that is what home automation when done correctly offers.

Lighting control has never been easier:

Imagine having a control area that is centralized where you can manage the many electrical devices that your home possesses. Whether there are just a few or many, being able to control them from one centralized location saves on time and frustration. You can have electrical components like your lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning all controlled from one location. You can add your appliances, entertainment systems and even your security system to this main control system. No more running around the home to set or activate each of these components. No more stumbling around in the dark trying to turn on the lamps or find the light switches.

Climate control that can save you money:

You can have your Ottawa home automation system customized by our highly trained technicians based on your needs. It is affordable and well worth the investment to automate your home. You can even have it so you operate your automated system when you are away from home through your smartphone or your tablet. Just imagine being able to even adjust the temperature of your home so you can save on heating costs by keeping the heat lower when nobody is home, then turning it up to a more comfortable level before you arrive home.

Audio ease with automation:

Aside from convenience there are many other reasons to allow our experienced experts of Ottawa home automation do the job for you. The automation itself is entertaining. When you are ready to watch a movie you can easily dim the lighting without getting out of your chair. Then sit back and adjust the sound or change the channel with no effort at all.
Video control that extends viewing enjoyment:
With your home automation combined with your home theatre watching a video from the comfort from your home will far supersede any of the enjoyment that you once found when going out to the movies. Home automation puts you in total video control.

Security you can count on:

When it comes to security your home automation features are going to enhance it. You can easily receive a live video stream of who is at your door. If you have elderly or sick people in your home then you automation system will let you assist them by automatically turning on lights as it is getting dark, or adjusting the temperature of the home as necessary. Or if you have left home and think you forgot to close the garage door, not a problem, you can do it with your remote access automation.

If you really do envy those push button starts that many vehicles come with now, then just think that the Ottawa Home automation services that we can affordably offer you here at AV Expert exactly like this. You have a push button opportunity for the many features of your home.
Whether you are looking for some just very basic but convenient automation or you want a very elaborate automation system we are able to do it for you. Give us a call now and let’s discuss how we can make your home living more exciting, fun and convenient through Ottawa home automation.

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